WN Australia: Tsunami 3 Meters in Mentawaiawai

Major earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale (7.7 SR version of the USGS) shook the Mentawai, West Sumatra, at 21:42 West Indonesia Time. Lindu occurs only at a depth of 10 kilometers and potential tsunamis.
Tsunami warning was announced through a loudspeaker at the mosque, thousands of people panic and move to higher ground.
A few moments later, at 22:38 pm, tsunami warning lifted and otherwise nil.However, Australians witnessed the incident reported the three-meter-high tsunami that occurred after the earthquake Mentawai.
Is Rick Hallet who confessed to Nine Network that he was on the chartered ship which they had rented for surfing - when the walls of white water rolling them in the waters of the Mentawai Islands, at about 22.00 pm.
At that time there were 15 people on board, including nine Australians.
As loaded SkyNews Australia, Tuesday, October 26, 2010, a ferocious wave pushed another boat toward their boat, crash, and cause an explosion. The ball of fire appeared on the back of the ship.
Hallett admitted that he ordered everyone to go to the top deck, throwing any objects that could float - like a surfboard - and then plunge into the sea.
Some guests brought 200 meters to the island and stayed in the tree until another boat rescued 90 minutes later.
Fortunately no one was lost or killed, but he saw a lot of debris that might come from a resort on the island of Pagai.

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