Rot lice terrorized New York City

Hordes of bedbugs lately began to bother residents of New York City. Itchy insects that are not only stop at a bed and couch, but was stopped at a number of famous buildings in New York. Eventually the tourists, especially local tourists, think twice to visit the largest city in the United States (U.S.) it.
According to news agency Assocciated Press (AP), in recent days appeared complaint bedbugs attacks in building the Empire State Building, Bloomingdale's and Lincoln Center.A number of potential tourists who had planned a vacation in New York finally admitted discouraged to go there after nearly every day got a report complaints of bedbugs in hotels.
"Flea rotten exists everywhere. But I think this time we do not want to go there," said Baltimore City resident, Patty Majerik. He originally planned to the district of Manhattan, New York, next month with two children, aged respectively 7 and 10 years.
Majerik admitted taking the time almost every year to New York, either to shop or watch a theatrical performance in the area of Broadway and Radio City Christmas concert at the end of the year.
Residents of Florida, Suzanne Baldwin, is also thinking of visited New York in November. Baldwin was already accustomed to checking whether there are bedbugs in his hotel room, but he felt could not help wondering if the attack bedbugs also to hit other places.
"After thinking carefully, although not able to get compensation for the cost of tickets have been issued, it is not worth it if constantly worried [the existence of bedbugs]," Baldwin said in an email to the AP.
Even residents who live on the outskirts of the City of New York were worried about the same thing. A yoga teacher named Susannah Johnston admitted was like to stay with her husband in a hotel in Manhattan last weekend after watching a late night concert.
However, the intention that they pull back. "We were researching the following hotel rates. From there, we found that a number of hotels that we drill turned out to have horror stories about bedbugs," says Johnston.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, last Monday admitted concern over bedbug problem because it could damage the reputation of the City of New York and could harm the tourism industry. "We do not want to have things that make people reluctant to come to this city. I hope this problem can be resolved soon," said Bloomberg

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