New FilemThe Dark Knight Rises

title of Christopher Nolan's new film: film his blockbuster Batman series.

Revealed in the same article where the title was revealed - interview with Nolan's own - is the fact that the Riddler would not be in it, despite all the rumors. Just like the last movie, Nolan is directing a script based on his own and his brother Jonathan, which is based on a story by Nolan and David Goyer.
As for who the big villain this time, no one says, but you can be sure it was probably a member of the rogue gallery of DC Comics characters, such as Catwoman, maybe. Personally, I would like to see Nolan pursue criminals who have never previously seen in the film. How about being tortured, twisting take Man-Bat or Killer Croc? Although, admittedly, those sorts of supernatural beings do not seem to fit in the universe.

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