Golkar Promise SBY Supports Up to 2014

General Chairman of Golkar Party, Bakrie, expressed his support for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Boediono until 2014. He welcomed the invitation of President Yudhoyono to build a compact coalition.
"For the Golkar Party, if there are interests of the country, betting the fate of Indonesian children, all components of the nation must be united, must identify the purpose, rather than sharpen the distinction," said the Golkar Party's political speech Anniversary 46th, Jakarta, Wednesday, October 20, 2010.
According to him, only with tight togetherness, Indonesia can be developed into a great nation. Only with unity, Indonesia is able to leverage the potential of natural and other resources to maximum benefit of the people.
He hoped the government could encourage the growth of Indonesian healthy 8-9 percent, even 10 percent. "We do not waste your time, Indonesia had to hurry. China, India, Brazil grew fantastic, amazing with stepping forward, we must be able," he said.
He invited all components of the nation united for the sake of the nation. When it comes to our nation's future, Aburizal said Golkar had firm attitude. "There should not be yellow, red, blue, white, or green. It was just the Red and White," he said.
Golkar Party understands that govern, regulate, and lead is not an easy job. To rule takes vision, dedication, and courage to act when necessary. "To rule is easy, to govern is Difficult," he said.
Warm Welcomes SBY
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono welcomed the invitation conveyed united Aburizal. "I listened carefully delivered Aburizal. What a teduhnya, peacefully if we continue united, and compact," the president said in his political speeches.
On that occasion, the President requested an active role of the Golkar Party daam economic development. He took a big family of the Golkar Party in synergy to create a welfare society and realizing the country's stability. "It should be underlined that delivered Aburizal, the front lies the opportunity that should not be wasted," he said

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